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Places of interest, museums in Kaposvár

The county seat, Kaposvár, which is only 25 km from Igal, boasts numerous landmarks and architectural masterpieces.

Kaposvár, the county seat of Somogy with sixty-five thousand inhabitants, is as old as the establishment of the Hungarian state. It was built on seven hills, in the embrace of the Zselic river and the Kapos river. A city with a special atmosphere, in which past, present and future live together in a palpable way: the memory of the ancestors, the care of the past, the development of the present and the grand plans of the future. The settlement faithfully preserves the memory of its famous native, József Rippl-Rónai, in its culture and museums.

Towns on the shore of Lake Balaton

People like the Balaton for many reasons. It attracts tourists and also people who live along the shore year round. It is relaxing to spend a summer vacation at Lake Balaton, where you can participate in different cultural programs and festivals. The scenery of the northern shore of the lake is breath-taking.

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The cactus farm in Várong

In Várong, there is a cactus farm that is unique throughout Europe, where you can find plants from almost all over the world. Attila Hegyi's unique cactus collection has been on display for more than ten years. The collector himself deals with their reproduction.

In the collection, you can admire about 12,000 cacti of 1,200 varieties that bloom at all times of the year.

It can be visited after prior registration.

The Garden of Somogy holiday resort 

This holiday resort is located on 10 hectares in the town of Bonnya. It is easy to approach but it is a pocket-settlement which is very isolated. This isolation provides a unique tranquility, peace and security. The scenery is attractive and appears untouched. The town is surrounded by acacia and oak trees.

The Roman Catholic Church of Andocs

The Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the monuments of Andocs in Somogy County, one of the most famous Hungarian Catholic places of pilgrimage.

At the end of the 15th century or the beginning of the 1500s, a Gothic chapel was also built in Andocs thanks to the Paulists active in Toldo, which is close to the village. However, according to legend, it is of heavenly origin: it was brought by angels from heaven around 1520. After that, it is said that even the invading Turks did not dare to remove the cross from the chapel tower, in fact, they provided freedom and protection to the local residents and the pilgrims who came here. 

The historical town of Somogyvár

Our King Saint László founded one of the most prestigious monasteries in our country in Somogyvár. Today, only the walls remaining in the ruins remind us of the abbey that flourished for centuries. With its interactive exhibition, the modern visitor center presents the former international importance of the monastery in an experiential manner and evokes the splendor of the former building.

Duke Koppány's castle was an important cultic and cultural center in the Middle Ages. Its abbey was one of the largest and most elegant facilities of its time, built more than 900 years ago for the French Benedictine monks summoned by King Saint László.

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