Pek-Snack Kft.

Category: Industry Address: 7275 Igal, Szántódi út (6505-ös út Igal közelében) Phone: +36 82/573-934 Fax: +36 82/573-939 Email: Web:


Pek-Snack Kft.
Cím: 7275 Igal, Szántódi út (6505-ös út Igal közelében)
Telefon: +36 82/573-934
Fax: +36 82/573-939

Fornetti Pannon Kft. was established in 1998 as a family business by János Galántai, who still manages the company to this day. Thanks to continuous improvements, the former 600 m2 plant has now grown into a 6,000 m2 factory. The conquest of the Croatian market began in 1999, where our company received SUPERBRANDS certification in 2010, based on the votes of consumers, in recognition of its products and services. The 100% proprietary Pek-Snack brand was born based on a decision in December 2010, before which our company operated as part of another bakery franchise network, but as an independent business unit with its own production base in a large part of Transdanubia and Croatia. During the 13 years, we had the opportunity to thoroughly learn the entire know-how available in the industry. Nothing proves this better than the fact that our company had significantly better economic indicators than the franchisor, and our sales increased despite the crisis. At the same time, the key to success lies in continuous adaptation and development. As a franchisee, although we saw the flaws in the system and the inadequacy of adapting to the changed consumer requirements, we were unable to do anything about it. That is why we decided to break away from the previous system, to be reborn.

This is how the Pek-Snack visual bakery network was born, so that we can finally speak to our partners and consumers as they deserve: respectfully and directly - approaching them as friends and equals. Our company continues its activities under the name Pek-Snack Kft. from March 1, 2011. Pek-Snack's own 6,000 m2 factory in Igali currently supplies more than 700 franchise partners in Hungary and almost 500 in Croatia with frozen baked goods.


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