Emblems of Igal

When in 1769 Igal aquired the privilage of country town a seal was already in use. On this seal a crown and a sword-holding arm was visible with a six pointed star. The sword - holding arm reflected a profession of a „hajdu” (heyduck) and this was also present in the newer emblem. This emblem could be used only by towns with the above privilages. Only after the country town privilages was presented to Igal was allowed to use this emblem.

On official documents dated after 1770 this seal was already used. In the shield the armoured arm is holdig a red-silver colored flag. Above the shield additional elements are visible: silver colored helmet with a crown (the septiforious crown is representing the dignity of the count lord). From the crown a seven-legged lion is „growing out” with a double tail holding a sabre. From both sides a golden-blue and silvery-red cower is enveloping then shield . On the seal in latin the following is readable : „Sigillum. Oppidi Privilegiati: Igall” („ Seal. City privilage.Igall”).

This seal was used until they introduced the ink based seal in 1856. Between 1857-1889 the seal did not carry the crown. The elliptically shaped seal carried the following text: „Igal in Somogy County”. In 1890 they re-instituted the seal with a crown which differed somewhat from the previous form. This new shield is somewhat elongated and the lion has only one tail, the helmet in semi-profile visualized. The text said: „Somogy County, Town of Igal”. This shield was in use until 1949. In 1992 the body of representatives (in Igal) passed an edictum to accept the national emblem on the Hungarian tricolor flag which was used earlier between 1890-1949.

The shield of Igal:

The shiels carries a basic blue color. In this field an armoured flexed arm holding a red-silver colored flag. In the upper part of the shield is the silvery helmet with the crown and the lion with a saber in his “right hand”. On the edges both sides the silvery-red and the golden-blue cover is visible.

The flag of Igal:

Light blue field, in the lower third in the white triangle the inscription Igal, in the middle of the blue field the image of the coat of arms. The fabric of the flag is silk, with silver fringes at the bottom.

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