Active recreation

Active pastime around Igal

Hiking opportunities:

Igal is not only famous for its spa and facilities for relaxation, but the town and its surroundings also offer a number of recreational activities for people wishing to spend their holidays actively.

For those who would rather go hiking or discovering unspoiled regions, they can do so in the Igal area as surrounding forests and fields offer just this opportunity. You can gain the unforgettable experience by walking, bicycle rides, organized horse tours or even by Nordic-Walking programs. For the less trained we offer a relaxing easy walk tour on one of the towns hills. These areas are crammed with summer cottages, wine cellars and vine-yards, from where you can enjoy the dazzling scenery. It is especially worth visiting the hills before sunset as it is visible as nowhere else in the surrounding towns thanks to hills in Igal.

More daring tourists may even take longer trips. Starting from Igal you can wander through wild forest and paths to get to Lake Balaton or to the southern part of the area.


For guests who would not like to wander in nature without destination, but wishing to have some excitement while exploring beautiful forests and fields in the Igal area, we highly recommend the so called ‘geocaching’ hunting which gains more and more popularity nowadays. Starting the journey from Igal, you can find a number of hidden geocaching boxes and you can enjoy the beautiful nature in the meantime. For further information please visit:

Fishing opportunities:

You can find plenty of fishing lakes in the Igal area. The biggest one is Lake Deseda, but you can enjoy this amazing and relaxing activity in Igal, and Ráksi, Andocs and Somogyszil that are all in the neighborhood. You can find Hungarys longest human-made lake called Lake Deseda situated near Kaposvár.

The lake was expanded 8 kilometers long in 1975 from the stream by a dam. The lake and its forest offer a pleasant program for water sport fans and hikers as well. Its fish population – many indigenous Hungarian species included – made the lake a recognized fishing-paradise. In 1978 there was a 29-acre-arboretum planted. In the arboretum almost all of Hungarys tree species can be found.

Hunting programs:

Somogy county has excellent wildlife and great natural conditions for hunting. It also has a great variety of terrain features as it is situated from the outer-Somogy hill country in the southern coast of Lake Balaton to the Zselic hill county to the lowlands at the Dráva coast.

The countys woodland makes up for a total of 27%, making it one of the most densely forested areas of Hungary. It is thus clear, that the area is popular among hunters from many countries.

There are a number of well-known hunting regions close to Igal, since Somogyacsa and the surrounding of Karád are excellent places for this activity.

Golf playing in the area:

There are two easily accessible golf grounds near Igal.

Both of them are established according to what the European accredits as official golf courts. One of them is in Hencse (southern Somogy county), and the other one can be found in Balatonudvari (north from Lake Balaton with amazing scenery).

Both offer services that will please all demands and are only 55 kilometers from Igal.

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