Roman Catholic church, monument, cemetery chapel, Baumgartner house, Calvary

Nationally protected monuments.

The 15th century built gothic Roman Catholic church was reconstructed in 1756. The main altar, pulpit and the baptizing chapel are baroque from the 18th century.

 In the church garden a war monument was erected for the victims of the Second World War.

Locally protected monuments.

The cemetery chapel
The cemetery chapel with its wooden tower and specially decorated walls is a unique building.  On the front of the chapel, an old stone-built crucifix is guarding the cemetery.

The Baumgartner House
 During the first decades of the 20th century this privately owned house was a gathering place for prominent Hungarian artists. The famous painters Rippl-Ronai, Csok, Aba-Novak and the poet Lorinc Szabo spent time in this house as favored guests of the Baumgartner family. Also physicians and lawyers frequented the house.


During the Kuruc-Labanc War (fought for independence from the House of Hapsburgs) general Janos Bottyan  fought a bloody battle in 1706 in the vicinity of Igal. The battle ended with a labanc victory. According to legend the fallen kuruc soldiers (the freedom fighters) and some local civilian people’s remains are buried under the man-made hill.


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