Wine and gastronomy

In wine lies truth

Thanks to the geographical position and the excellent micro-climate of Igal, it is not surprising that viticulture has all its conditions in the Igal area. Therefore, many vineyards can be found on the nearby gently sloping hills. Vine-growers of the Igal area have a tradition dating back to several decades and, of course, all of them follow their own time-honoured method.

The reason behind the popularity of the wines of Igal is evident as tipsy wine connoisseurs happily taste all the types, and there are a number of prestigious awards won on wine competitions. In the area, an array of opportunities is available for tourists.

Tourists can take part in several organized wine-cellar tours in the outskirts of Igal, where brilliant wines and oven-baked snacks are on the menu. Besides tours, there is a chance for scheduled horse-carriage rides as well. Everybody is welcome!

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